Genesis House, Inc. is supported by donations and is a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are tax deductible (see certification letter). United Way pledges can be designated to be sent to Genesis House, Inc. Some projects and services have been funded in part by the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families.

It is our hope that you will consider making a donation to Genesis House. We need your help so we can continue to provide a new beginning for the many women and children who come to Genesis House.

Cash or Money Order
Click here for a donation slip you can print, cut out, and mail in with your donation. Make your check or money order payable to Genesis House, Inc. If you are an employee of a company that has a gift-matching program, please indicate so with your donation.

Send donations to

Genesis House, Inc.
P.O. Box 2044
Melbourne, FL 32902

Online (credit card)
To make a donation online using a credit card, please click the button below. Transactions are handled by PayPal.

Gifts in Kind
We appreciate gifts of clothing, food, furniture, services, used vehicles, etc. Please check the Needs page for items always needed, as well as any special needs. To make donations of gifts in kind, please call 321-723-3133 and leave a message, or contact us by email ( Someone will respond within 24 hours.

A Donation Story
"Caden received $160 in cash from many different family members and friends for his sixth birthday. He put all the money in his wallet and carried it with him wherever he went, taking it out and counting it three times a day. This went on for about a week. Finally one morning I decided to have a talk with him about his 'over concern' for the wallet full of money. I discussed with him what the Bible says about money ... when you help someone that is less fortunate than you, you are investing in eternity.
He thought about what I said and a few minutes later he came to me with $90 of his money and said ,'Mommy I want to give this money to the needy babies.' (He knew about Genesis House and how it helps needy mothers and babies because he has been to many of the Kendyll Bliss Birthday Party Fundraisers.) He put the money in an envelope, drew a picture on the envelope and signed his name. A few minutes later he came back with more money...he did not feel satisfied until he gave every single dollar of his birthday money to the 'needy babies.' He said, 'Mommy, I really don't need any money, I want to give it all.' What a wonderful moment. Praise God! I'll always remember his little voice saying, 'No Mommy, I need to give more!'"

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