Major Upgrades
Windows replaced at GH II with Low-E, high-impact windows
Exterior repairs and professional painting for all 3 houses
Complete kitchen renovation at GH I
Landscaping & plants, front of GH I

Windows replaced at GH I with Low-E, High-Impact windows
New dishwasher GH I
New washing machine GH I
New water heater GH II
"Free Boutique" created in 1/2 of GH I garage

New metal roof on GH II
Windows replaced at GH III with Low-E, High-Impact windows
Monitored fire alarm system installed in GH I
New energy-efficient air conditioning system at GH I
New fence installed around play area at GH I
Electrical wiring updated in all three houses
New concrete patios poured at GH II & GH III
New range, range hood & dishwasher at GH II

A monitored fire alarm system for GH II
New gutters on all three houses
Wood floors refinished in GH I & III
All windows replaced at GH I with Low-E, High-Impact windows
New Energy Star washing machine at GH II
Two new Energy Star refrigerators at GH III

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